Myra Michelle Eby has been enthusiastically involved in the health industry for over 30 years. As a longtime consumer advocate and founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Myra showed over 11 years ago that skincare should be all natural and highly effective, without the use of parabens, urea, EDTA or phthalates, to name a few. She is credited for raising the bar in the natural skincare industry long before the current onset of eco-friendly and cruelty-free awareness; creating a complete line of non-toxic, efficacious formulas for conscientious consumers to enjoy. “Unfortunately in the finished product world the bottom line governs and shortcuts are taken just to increase profit. I believe, as I did with MyChelle, that a large number of consumers truly want efficacious quality products. I don’t add ingredients for label purposes and I never choose an ingredient because it’s inexpensive; I research dosing and clinical data to find the most efficacious amount, and that is what I use. Chemical preservatives have no place in, or on, our bodies. When I see and feel results with potent, natural ingredients, and when I love what I am using, I then share my creation with others.”

As an active, older mother who is passionate about healthy, vibrant aging, Myra has long been intrigued by epigenetics—and the notion that we can change the way our genes express themselves through diet, exercise, nutrition and supplementation: our health is truly in our hands. Myra developed this offering of natural dietary formulas to nurture the aging process on a daily proactive basis. Even with an incredibly healthy diet, most of us are not getting the broad spectrum of nutrients that our body needs for optimal, restorative living. Tired of fillers, flow agents, and less than efficacious dosing, her proprietary formulas feature the most powerful superfoods and phytonutrients available in easy-to-digest, portable sqweezes. Each targeted formula is designed to be incorporated into an active, healthy lifestyle.

 ”When you properly support your body and care for it as if it were the most precious gift, you feel strong, beautiful and vibrant. The body responds to healthy living in extraordinary ways.”